Who starts a restaurant during the middle of a pandemic?

The guys from County Line Smokehouse of course.

It was the Summer of 2020 right at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic when the guys discovered an opportunity too good to pass up. The Old Fat Daddy’s location on Sunset Harbor Road about 10 minutes from County Line.

Why there? Why then? Well, Covid had been the last nail in the coffin for Fat Daddy’s but the location possessed a long history as a restaurant and bar going back to its successful days as the Anchor Inn in the seventies. It also reminded the guys of County Line with its long tradition and fantastic outdoor space. And thankfully, County Line had re-opened after the Covid shutdown stronger than ever and was now ready to expand.

The building was just in need of a facelift and a new identity as it entered middle age. The deal closed just before Christmas and after a quick remodel, the only question was what to name their new restaurant. That turned out to be easy and The Anchor was reborn on February 1st, 2021.

The Anchor features a full bar along with an eclectic menu featuring regional sandwiches, burgers, wings and an assortment of salads and appetizers. There’s also an outdoor seating and entertainment area out back named The Captain’s Quarters in honor of County Line’s late Operating Partner, Robert “Ricky Bobby” Morgan.

We hope you enjoy your time at The Anchor and look forward to seeing you for years to come.

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